Don’t Make Fun of my CB Radio

Don’t Make Fun of my CB Radio

A few months ago, I bought my father’s pickup truck for the specific purpose of pulling of fifth-wheel trailer. I was excited to find out that my dad had thrown in his cb radio when he dropped off the truck. My wife began to make fun of me. My son thought it was strange that I had a radio in the truck. My daughters teased me without mercy. I told them to stop laughing. I assured that some day it would come in handy. On several trips to and from California, I would listen to the truck drivers talk about everything from the greasy food at the truck stop 10 miles back to the “local” who was on the prowl for a customer.

It took me a few minutes to figure out he was talking about a local police officers who was running radar, looking to fill his ticket book. Another time, when my family started complaining because we were stuck in a traffic jam along I-15, I turned on the cb radio and found out there was a major accident about two miles ahead of us. Coming home from Christmas break last year, the transmission in the truck went out, leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere. It was snowing. There was no cell service. I turned on the radio and asked a few truckers for some help. about 10 minutes later, a highway patrolman showed up and helped us get a tow truck. Neither my wife, nor my kids make fun of the radio anymore.


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