Kick Depression Out of your Truck

Kick Depression Out of your Truck

Everyone knows that trucking it is a lonely life. It so easy to get depressed, all that time spear for thinking in everything you don’t have close to you.

You can not be close to your love, to your kids, parents, friends, all that you do is just drive and drive. sometimes just sounds you are never going anywhere.

Our attitude, is what will count to kick away this feeling of depression.

1.Getting the proper amount of sleep will also help with feelings of depression.

2. Eating a healthier diet will help with feelings of depress

3. Get you some exercise. Walk around the parking lot every morning and every evening. Do some sit ups and push ups when you finish walking and stretching. Exercise actually causes a physical release of chemicals in the body that fights stress, and depression.

4.listen to happy music to other truckers at the truck stop,same if you don’t have the desire.

6.Stop thinking or talking about things that stress you.

7. I hate to say that but get out of the CB Radiosometimes, Listen to inspirational words or something that will make feel good about yourself.

8.check up with a doctor.

 I hope you guys feel way better and have always in you mind positive thoughts always brings positive things.


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