Magnum OmegaForce S45HP

OmegaForce 45HP

This Radio Has an amazing to receive Power as much power to Talk!

The Magnum OmegaForce S45 is a Microprocessor controlled, user programmable with a user friendly environments. The OmegaForce S45 is build rugged to withstand years of use in hash mobile environments.Although engineered with mobile use in mind the OmegaForce S45, with the addition of a high quality 10 amp regulated power supply, may be easily adapted to fixed stationoperation.

You will be amazed finding so many features just not found on other brands.

  1. Squelched and unsquelched scanning.
  2. Multi-mode band selectivity by the end user – and not a shop. 
  3. Unmatched 10 meter performance with repeater programming function.
  4. Dual mic plugs. A factory power condenser mic that is a good or better than most aftermarket mics.
  5. Two S/RF meters – one analog meter and one very sensitive digital meter.
  6. LCD screen can be switched from channel display to frequency display.
  7. Program up to five different channels – including their different broadcast modes/settings

Some of the features of the OmegaForce S45 are: an advanced design liquid crystal display that provides the operator with a full visual account of the transceivers operating status, automatic frequency scanning from either the front panel or microphone, memory storage of your favorite frequencies, programmable frequency resolutions of either 1kHz, 10kHz or 100 kHz, and split (offset) frequency operation for repeater use.These are just few of the features that makes the OmegaForce S45HP a pleasure to operate.

The OmegaForce S45HP it is an awesome radio!!!Get yours while you can find it!!!!


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